Mirza Kapetanovic - Keyboard

Mirza Kapetanovic, founder of the Richard Wagner Konservatorium, has been active as a composer, pianist, professor and music arranger in Vienna for the last 20 years.
Prior to opening the Richard Wagner Konservatorium he had a long track record of working in many conservatories in Vienna where his students won many international prizes. Particularly known for his compositions and broken rhythm orchestrations Prof. Kapetanovic has managed to reach new heights, writing music in many different styles that have been performed internationally to great critical acclaim.


Mirza Kapetanovic Piano

His duet partnership with Igor Petrushevski has taken them to world wide audiences with performances in many major music centres. Under his leadership the Richard Wagner Konservatorium has managed to attract some of the most prominent musicians of today and to create a unique atmosphere that is now the Richard Wagner Konservatorium.

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